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To the Board of the Jonas Foundation

In April 2004 Peter Rayner arrived with one cello offering his skills as a teacher to help our pupils to learn a musical instrument. There are now four cellos in the school and two concerts have been performed before an audience of parents and guests.

Peter has been able to develop the skills of even our most difficult students (they all have emotional and behavioural difficulties), he has a calm assurance which, no matter how difficult the task, gives our pupils confidence. …

… Some pupils have made remarkable progress while others have gained therapeutically through music.

… Peter’s contribution is not just the music or the learning of the cello, but in helping very difficult and challenging pupils to value their own work and their abilities to co-operate with each other.

All of us at the School would like to thank the Jonas Foundation for their continued support of this worthy project.

Yours sincerely,

Mr John Simpson
Deputy Principal – Head of Education»
(Retired in August 2011)

We are happy that this project is going well, and that music-making is helping to bring more enjoyment and fulfillment into the lives of theses children.

We hope that the joy of music can give them support as they struggle to overcome their personal difficulties, and help them to become caring, balanced and happy adults!

Peter Rayner

Director: Peter Rayner

     The Jonas Foundation Music Project at a Carehome began in April 2004, so has now completed its eleventh year. 

     This project is based in a residential special school for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

     The aim of the project is to give children at this special school the chance to play the cello an to take part in music-making, with the hope that this will help their development in both the personal and academic spheres.