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Special Events

April 2013, Switzerland:

Easter Workshop

Teachers: Sue Klein, Felix Buser.
With Stephanie James, Ruth Bonuccelli and Christine Sigwart

Sensations of Sound

October-December 2011
A cooperation with Action Dog and the National Deaf Children’s Society.

«Music making is not just about hearing alone. It includes touch, tempo, movement, expressive sign language, drawings, words and so on. It means that those who are without good hearing can have access to these elements and enjoy performing without sensory boundaries»

May 2014, Switzerland:

String and recorder workshop

 8-11 May 2014, Bioley-Magnoux/Switzerland.

String and recorder workshop. Teacher: Yu-Wei Hu.
With Ruth Bonuccelli, Miriam Schild and Christine Sigwart.

July 2013, Kent:

Summer Event in the countryside

     On the invitation of Christchurch in Southborough (Kent) the Jonas Foundation Music Project spent a day in the countryside celebrating the beginning of summer by participating at a special choral event together with the choir of Southborough Primary School.

     Both choirs performed songs about the  theme "summer", and the concert reached its climax when both choir were joined together to sing the four part canon "summer is icumen in".

     The barbecue in the vicar’s garden after the concert was very well received by everyone!

December 2014:

Christmas Service

December 14th 2014

French Protestant Church in London.

Christmas Service.

With Pastor: Stéphane Desmarais.

With the Jonas Choir.

Conductor: Charles MacDougall.

April 2012, Scotland:

Choral Easter Workshop

April 10-15th 2012 – Ardoch Centre, Ardoch, Loch Lomond

"Eighteen choristers from London enjoyed a wonderful Choral Easter Workshop in the beautiful surroundings of Loch Lomond.

Singing and hiking kept the participants busy and happy.

Towards the end of the week, the choir gave a concert. Local farmers and residents of Loch Lomond listened with great pleasure to the young people who have been singing with all their hearts.

A contribution has been offered to a local project.
It has been a great week!
"    ~Christine Sigwart.

August 2014, Scotland:

Summer camp

9-16 August 2014, Scotland.

The making of a musical "Jonah and the whale" - film.

With Stephanie James, Ruth Bonuccelli, James Bush, David Bach and Christine Sigwart.

December 2014:

Christmas Concert

December 13th 2014

St Matthew's Church, Elephant-and-Castle, London.

Christmas Concert with the Jonas Choir.

Conductor: Charles MacDougall.

International Sports and Music Camp at St Moritz,
June 30th- July 14th 2012
Forty students from all over Europe, the Balkans and Georgia participated in the Camp.
A musical tapestry and dance on "Creation" has been devised and performed in various places.
With David Bach, Flurin Maron, Clemens Böhme; Ruth Bonuccelli,James Bush,
 Natia Beraia Taktakishvili, Dachi Taktakishvili and Christine Sigwart-Sartorius

Christmas at Covent Garden

For three months we were to prepare a piece to perform at Covent Garden with the theme of Christmas in the piazza. Organised by Action Dog, we would spend the following weeks working alongside children with hearing impairment, composing, designing and drawing up our vision of what Christmas in Covent Garden would mean. Finally the day arrived.

It was a cold winter afternoon. We arrived and rehearsed for our performance.

… This was it. After three months of working on it we performed it.

… The melody, the sound, was expressed by one of the workers of Action Dog with the flow of her hands so that everyone could hear the music, see the music, feel it, even those who otherwise would have been unable to do so.

… I can only imagine what it must have been like for these children to have been able to compose. They managed to compose a whole piece and perform it, despite having difficulties hearing. Many probably won’t be able to believe it, they might even be confused as to how, but they did it.»

Rocio Bruna (17 yrs)

July 2013, Switzerland: Summercamp

«Le chantier de ma vie!»

With Stephanie James, Ruth Bonuccelli, Gaetan Da Cruz, Flurin Maron and Christine Sigwart.

August 2012, Switzerland: Musical camp
In Randolins/St.Moritz.

«La Création» – a musical tapestry and reflection.

With dance and music.

Children and young people from: Caucasus, London, Berlin, Geneva, Paris-StDenis, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

With Christine Sigwart teaching, singing and accompanying the young musicians.


     - St.Moritz-Village (choral open air)

     - Sils-Maria (choral open air)

     - St.Moritz-Randolins (dance and musical performance).

With Ruth Bonuccelli, Yu-Wei Hu, Miriam Schild, and Christine Sigwart-Sartorius